Who a Good Writer is

Who a Good Writer is

Almost every writing job advertisement has the words: ‘good writer’ or ‘excellent writer.’ Well, are there good writers and terrible writers? When you see best-selling books or extremely popular blogs, it means they are good writings, which is only possible if the writers are good. Good writings that every reader deserves are products of good writers. Who are these good writers?

Good writers can make a person fall hopelessly in love with their writings and keep yearning for more. These writers always have a way of making their readers intrigued and happy while reading what they’ve written. Their books, blogs, or articles are unputdownable as these are written in ways that fully capture their reader’s attention even for long hours. Good writers ensure that a person doesn’t get bored reading the first paragraph or the laugh, they capture your attention from the start till the end either by suspense or any other way.

With a million writers, different writings

Have you ever read a book that you totally enjoyed because you felt like you related a lot with what the writer was talking about? A writer who can make a reader feel like they relate to their writing is a good writer. The writer may have written a book whose characters were very relatable to the reader, where the person felt at home while reading the book. It can also be an article that talks about things that affect people in life and readers can relate to. Being able to make people feel like they relate to something hence, loving it, is a skill that only a good writer can have.

With a million writers, different writings being posted or published every day, good writers are the ones who can be unique. Reading the same content or writings written the same way becomes boring after some time. Good writers are those that write things that stand out from the rest. The writing can be totally different from the rest or has the same content as others but written with a voice that stands out. Such writers break the monotony of similar words all over and provide their readers with something extremely unique.

Who a Good Writer is

Writers focus more on their readers, ensuring that they understand their reading rather than flexing how many big words they know are good but great. It is boring and exhausting to read something hard to understand that keeps you checking your dictionary all the time. A good writer reduces words that are difficult to understand and uses more easy-to-understand words. The writer can even make up words to spice up things but ensure that it doesn’t prevent a reader from getting what is being put across. Of what use would it be if the targeted reader can’t comprehend what you have written?

To become a good writer, a person has to possess these qualities. The qualities may not be achieved at once, but you can continuously work on becoming better. Writing more articles and seeking feedback on how to improve can help a lot in becoming a good writer. ‘Practice makes perfect; there is no other way around it than practicing great writing skills more.

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