What is the maximum salary paid for a content writer?

What is the maximum salary paid for a content writer?

Content writer is a person who is considered to write content for websites or companies which later sell them to their clients. These websites or companies have different target audience which require the best content to attract more clients. A content writer can work full-time or part-time depending on his/her availability. These clients require original content which they can profit in implementing on their business. Therefore, this writers are paid money for compensation on their daily work of writing content. Although, the amount of payment on each writer depends on some factors.

The first factor is the work experience of the writer. Writers who have been in the industry for many years are paid more money because they have adopted the challenges in the industry and known for providing original content for long time. These writers sometimes manage to earn a six figure salary annually. Writers which are new to the industry get paid small amount of money until they final get experience and their content are sold to many clients in the company, at this time they start earning heavily. Therefore, this payment depends on the number of years a writer have been in the industry. Although, someone who have studied this in the university and have a degree would write better than anyone who was in the writing industry for many years but it would also take sometime for his work to get recognition to the markets.

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The next factor is the profile of the content writer. This profile is where the writer get recognised easily. If the person has a good quality skills and versatile in his or her work it would be shown in his profile. Sometimes they are given more rating than the other clients because of the skills for the work which also satisfies the clients by providing to them a reliable content on the topic. Therefore, the pay of the writer depends also his profile display to the clients.

However, writers charge according to the work given for example word limit, time allocated for the content and also the amount of research needed for the content. Clients which need content with more words have to pay more money to the writers as this leads to tiredness in researching and writing the content. This also shows clients who give content with many words but time frame is very small will have to pay more also as it makes the writer to research the content without rest to finish it at the limited time.

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In 2012, content writers have earned an average of $76,790 per year. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This showed a decrease of about 2% from the previous year which earned them an average of $78,250 per year.

But of in the year 2013, content writers who had experience less than five years had earned an average between $45,750 to $68, 500 while those with an experience more than five years earned between $62,500 to $92,500 to start their work.

What is the maximum salary paid for a content writer?

Content writers have a rate to work. In this case, they earn $30 per hour. Therefore, working 20 hours a week at this rate, one could manage to earn about $31, 200 per year. At maximum it is $150 per hour, with this it is possible to earn $156,000 per year.

In recent years, content writers made a median salary of $71,850. The best paid writer made a $92,070 while the lowest made $55,500 per year. However, an entry -level writer with less than one year experience can earn an average of $37,614.

There are areas which pay more to their writer for example in Texas and Austin, while some places writers are underpaid for example in India.

Lastly, it is important to note that the content writers are paid salary according to their place, work experience and skills they apply for writing. Therefore, the maximum salary for a content writer is $92,070 per year according to the Statistics of last year.

The writing industry have also created jobs for many youths who had their certificates at homes. This is the only place they make a living and some have progressed in life with this industry. Therefore, contents writing industry have changed the lives of people for the better.

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