What do you do to be a good and efficient writer?

What do you do to be a good and efficient writer?

A writer measures things with an always open eye, catching ideas in flight, keeps them and later turns them into writing. Believe it or not, all writers have a flaw, this is the fact that they think too much instead of writing everything they think.

To be an effective writer, you should be quieter and only think about what you are writing at that time.

Many writers make the mistake of criticizing themselves and this is not good, it is best to let the readers criticize you.

If you have a favorite place

When writing, you should take notes, write down everything that goes through your head and then turn those ideas into something beautiful. To write, you need a quiet place, where nobody and nothing will bother you. Do not let yourself to be distracted because you will lose your ideas and this is frustrating.

To be an effective writer, you have to read, reading helps you to write. Yes it is true, the more you read, the more cultivated you become because you learn from what you read. A writer needs inspiration, but you’re lucky because inspiration can be found all around you. Inspire yourself from nature, or from other people, or from books, the sources of inspiration are numerous. Everywhere you go, take a pen and a notebook and write down everything you see and hear because anything can help or inspire you.

If you have a favorite place to stay, then use that place to write. Try to write so that you send a message to your readers because this is actually the purpose of any text. Never consider yourself smarter than your readers because you never know who will read what you write. You have to be open to criticism because you will not be able to please everyone, this is impossible to do and it is normal for critics to appear.

When writing a book you have

Writing is often a time-consuming occupation, when writing you do not realize how time goes by because you are connected with what you write.

Before you start writing, you have to decide what you want to write: fiction, mystery, non-fiction. If you have decided what you want to write, then start writing, but remember that good writers use clear and concise language to be understood by all readers.

When writing a book you have to make readers care about your story and your characters, focus on creating a sense of empathy through emotions. Don’t bore your readers with pompous descriptions of things or places, or with too many characters. A writer must be subtle, do not suddenly give too many clues, offer them one at a time, so that you will keep your readers in suspense.

What do you do to be a good and efficient writer?

Many writers claim that at one point they got stuck, they simply couldn’t write anymore. If that happens to you, it means it’s time to take a break. Leave the writing aside and do something that relaxes you, for example doing sports, listening to music, walking, cooking. If after relaxation the jam is still there, then you should go over the section you blocked and write further, you will come back to that section later.

There are times when you will feel that you can no longer write and want to give up, but this is not a solution. At such times you need something or someone to motivate you to move on. Try to relax, relaxation is beneficial for the mind and so your ideas come easier.

If you want to be efficient, then reinvent yourself, as a writer you have to keep up with the world.

People’s tastes change from day to day, so, try to anticipate what people would like to read. You can do this by looking for reviews or just asking people what they like.

These are the rules a writer should follow if he wants to be efficient. As a writer you must know that there is no recipe for success and that rules are made to be broken. This means that you can skip some writing rules, if you don’t like them because you can write what you want and how you want.

Stay original, write what you like, write how you like, let readers criticize you because from criticism you learn and criticism helps you to become better.

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