The Biographies of Best Selling Authors

The Biographies of Best Selling Authors

Great writers like William Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, with several others, have contributed greatly through their publications to enriched the minds of their readers. Each writer has a unique role with a particular style of writing that makes them unique. William Shakespeare is a renowned playwright that has stunned the world with different publications on some fascinating topics. This remarkable writer was born around 1564, and he lived for 52-years before passing on in 1616. He was a great poet who wrote fascinating books that are still being used in different parts of the world, especially in colleges and universities. Some major books written by this public icon include Macbeth, Romeo, and Juliet with the Merchant of Venice.

He is widely considered as the

He is widely considered as the seminal writer of the English language whose work has created an unprecedented impact in almost all the nations of the earth. Shakespeare was born in England but, most of the books written have spread in different parts of the world, especially in Europe, America, and most developing nations. Even after he died in 1616, he remained a popular writer whose memories are still fresh in the minds of readers. Many great scholars, especially in literature, have had to occasionally refer to William Shakespeare, who has been the founding father of world literature and poetry.

The Biographies of Best Selling Authors

Another popular writer is Jonathan Swift, who lived for 78-years before passing on in 1745. Swift was referred to as a poet, playwright, or prominent satirist. Aside from this role, the author was also an Anglo-Irish writer born in Dublin. Jonathan Swift was known based on the impact created and the insight in all his works. Some outstanding books written by Jonathan Swift include Gulliver’s travels written in 1726, A Modest Proposal, and A Tale of a Tub.

Samuel John was another reputable author whose work is still speaking in many parts of the world centuries after his death. John was born in 1709, and he lived for 74-years before passing on in 1784. Johnson was a British author who was best known for his contribution in putting together the English Dictionary. This masterpiece is reputed to be a most comprehensive text, which sets the standard for other dictionaries like the Cambridge and the Advanced dictionary. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born in 1749, lived up to 1832 before his death. Goethe is a creative writer just like Samuel Johnson, Johann is a German writer whose work has spread in almost every nation, just like Shakespeare. He was a playwright who was reputed for producing fantastic books like Faust, Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship, with Elective Affinities.

Goethe is a renowned German author whose contribution as a playwright made him famous with countless awards during his lifetime. Other great authors that have created an indelible mark include Jane Austen, an English author born in 1775, her role as a romantic fiction writer added more impetus to relationships with a focus on social realism. Some of her publication includes pride and the prejudice. Honore de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas, with Victor Hugo have all created an indelible mark. Their stunning publications are still being used by other great authors.

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