Average Earning of a Copywriter

Average Earning of a Copywriter

The copywriting market keeps expanding each year, with thousands of companies starting almost every month. Copywriting is vital for every company to ensure that their products and services get many customers. Therefore, companies need copywriters to help them advertise their products or services. This makes copywriters core people in marketing departments, and almost every company needs at least one copywriter. With this kind of importance, it is not farfetched to assume that they are highly paid. Well, what is the average pay of a copywriter?

Different types of copywriters are freelance,

Different types of copywriters are freelance, in-house, and an agency. The difference in copywriting occupation makes the average pay for a copywriter vary. An in-house copywriter will earn between $40k and $85k per year, with juniors earning lower than the senior copywriter. Agency copywriters almost earn the same as in-house copywriters, earning between $40k and $80k per year. In-house and agency copywriters are full-time employees of a company; their salary depends on different factors that affect the company, such as its annual earnings or even its policies.

Average Earning of a Copywriter

It is hard to determine the average salary of a freelance copywriter since their pay mainly depends on the effort a person puts into their work. However, for a dedicated freelance writer, they earn between $10k and $250k per year. This is if they do projects consistently or do gigs that are worth a lot of money. An excellent freelance copywriter with very high ratings in freelancing sites can earn millions in a year. This is the advantage of freelance copywriting; that the pay is not fixed.

Average salaries can also vary in different countries since the economies of countries are different. For example, in a country that is still developing or struggling in its economy, a copywriter might be paid less than one in a developed country. This is mainly because companies in less developed countries are more likely to earn less, hence granting their employees low income compared to those in very developed countries.

Being a copywriter can enable a person to earn enough money to support themselves. It can also be a way to earn some extra cash to increase your yearly earnings. A person has to decide the copywriting that they like and be dedicated to getting the job. Your earnings can increase if your writing quality improves, and you get a raise, a higher rating, or a promotion.

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