5 Types of Content Writers

5 Types of Content Writers

If you’re planning to join a writing field, it’s important to realize that it’s expansive with several subsections. In general, there are tens of subsections that you can choose in this field. To help you understand better, let’s look at ten common types of writers. The first group of writers on the list is screenwriters. As the name suggests, screenwriters create content or script as popularly known for several media productions, including TV Series, Movies, Video games, plus others. While creating content, screenwriters are required to follow a specific format that should include the plot and a theme. As a screenwriter, you can be employed by media corporations or choose to work on a contract.

What you’ll earn as a screenwriter will depend on your experience as well as your terms of service. Writers that find scriptwriting unattractive can try their luck in speech writing. As a speechwriter, your primary role will be to design speeches on behalf of corporate entities or individuals. Speechwriters should be more formal with a clear understanding of personal relations, especially those contracted to write speeches for business organizations. Ideally, if you desire to write speeches for government agencies, a clear understanding of economic and sociopolitical landscapes will be an added advantage. Although a speech text is enterprising, excelling in this field is not easy as people will want you to imagine. Without persuasive and inspiring skills, you can forget about being a successful speechwriter.

Copywriters are supposed to format a

Biography is one area that has been neglected by many writers that believe that it is not profitable. Biographers are responsible for creating or maintaining accounts of other people or corporate organizations. With the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many others, there are plenty of opportunities with biography. Just like a screenwriter, biographers can secure permanent employment or choose to work on a contract basis. The third on the list is a copywriter responsible for coming up with literary text for publication. A copywriter can also work as an editor where they are expected to create quality content from the existing work. Although editors and copywriters work jointly, there is a slight difference between the two groups of writers.

Copywriters are supposed to format a written text to ensure that it follows a particular format without making substantive changes to the text. Different from copywriters, editors are allowed to make major changes to a written text when editing. Becoming a professional copywriter is the best chance of earning between $40000 and $50000 per year. Majorities of copywriters have chosen to work as freelancers on online platforms, and they are paid per article created. Nobody can underrate the role of critic writers in ensuring that a written work meets a given guideline. The role of critic writers is to assess and make a recommendation about the suitability of a given text. Essentially, critic writers can assess all written texts from literary to artistic while presenting their findings in terms of reviews.

5 Types of Content Writers

Another group of writers is essayists that have the power of designing essays. As opposed to screenwriters or copywriters, essayists must come up with unique pieces with moderate length. Not only that, essayists must come up with an argument that should be supported by evidence. Although there’s no specific format for writing essays, some writers prefer prose while others have opted for a poet. Blog writers have become an important component of writing societies, thanks to impressive steps that the continent has continued to witness in technology. There are plenty of opportunities for bloggers worldwide since the demand for online content is exceedingly high. Bloggers can create their sites or get employed by millions of blogs that are on the Internet.

A blogger can earn up to $100 per single article that’s published on a given site. On the negative side, some sites, such as onedollararticles.com, use dubious means to solicit articles from writers. It is important to avoid such sites if you want to make a living in content mills. All said and done, the types of writers can run into hundreds. Unfortunately, all cannot be listed in a single discussion.

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